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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston On John Mayer Quot We Adore One Another Quot

Jennifer Aniston

Of course, Aniston, 39, understands why so many people are intrigued by their romance. There the difference in age Mayer is eight years younger and the musician high-profile past relationships with starlets such as Jessica Simpson.. Jennifer Aniston has a simple message when it comes to her new relationship with John Mayer: People need to remember their activities, the actress tells Vogue in its December issue.

Janets Diet Book On Hold

Janet Jackson

Well, now shes back on the heavy side, and talk of his diet writing a book about a precedent incredible weight loss has been archived. Back in 2006 he lost 60 pounds in four months, but now that the weights behind the book has been postponed indefinitely reported.. Janet Jackson has had a long history of yo-yo diet, from the very skinny and back to an almost dizzying pace.

Team Blog And The Amazing Race

Alec Harvey

Since Season 1, Jennifer Jacobson and Alec Harvey were watching The Amazing Race, cheering (and booing) team after team as they have done their way around the world to win a million dollars. It sa great show - perhaps the best reality series out there - that brings out the best, and fortunately the worst in people.. Call Team Blog.

Michael Jackson Named Secretary Of State For Us Shock

Michael Jackson

A spokesman for the incoming administration has said that Jackson and Obama were old friends and that Jackson had contributed millions of dollars for the campaign and deserved some recognition for that.. In a surprise move, President-elect Barack Obama called Michael Jackson as new Secretary of State.

Next In The Ifs Quot Vicky Cristina Barcelona Quot Are All Gorgeous

Penelope Cruz

Allen story is pure romantic fantasy. And then there is Penelope Cruz, which bursts on the screen about halfway through the film with such energy and beauty ardent, almost all the other strokes off the screen. Two American tourists twentysomething Cristina (Johansson) and Vicky (Hall) decide to spend the summer in Barcelona, which will remain in the house of Vicky relative (Patricia Clarkson). And speaking of beauty, its Allen film only three female costars with such tender care. Allen camera virtually caresses the stunning Scarlett Johansson at the scene more as Rebecca Hall, who comes off almost as sultry as its biggest name costar --.